Computational Criminology Lab

Welcome to the Computational Criminology Lab!
Our lab mainly focuses on catching the bad guys by applying deep learning algorithms. We are doing projects with full cooperation with the Israeli police and with the ministry of defense of the government of Israel. Our main research topics are:

  • Extracting criminals’ Modus Operandi (i.e., behavioral patterns) from police textual reports.

  • Predicting crimes based on contextual factors, such as demographic information, weather conditions, etc.

  • Detecting anomalies based on call-detail-records (CDR) datasets.

We are also focusing on user modeling and personalization. Our ongoing projects are:

  • Predicting users’ attributes based on spatial trajectories derived from the GPS.

  • Assessing users’ cyber-security awareness based on spatio-temporal factors.

  • Predicting NBA optimal defensive and offensive strategies based on players' trajectories.

We are always looking for new team members! If you are interested in our research, don't hesitate, and feel free to contact us!


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Our Team